Seventy-Eight Steps

Residence Seventy-Eight

Set on the water’s edge in the middle of Baltimore’s historic Fells Point neighborhood is my own residence. At five stories tall it is a vertical home of stacked experiments and experiences, some successful, some less so but taken in whole it is an amalgam of treasures that mark an evolution of interests, attitudes and the journeys of my life.

Dog lying on the floor of the foyer
Detail of a planter and chair behind
Writing desk nestled by a stairwell
Closeup of items on a coffee table, including a plate of blue stones

At the intersection of the familiar and the unknown is where I feel most alive. That dynamic of being challenged yet comforted is how I engage the fullness of life in the spaces I design.

Modern dining table and chairs
Detail of carving on planter
Kitchen with large windows
Bedroom looking out over the harbor
Books and flowers on a nightstand
Arty portrait over a sofa
Detail of an ornately carved door
Closeup of photos on a wall
Comfortable sofa and interesting decor
Outdoor porch area that looks out over a harbor
Outdoor dining area
Beautiful purple plants in an outdoor planter
Closeup of silverware and a plate of peaches
Kitchen prep sink area with glasses and pretty plates