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A Storied Life

Great narrators take us somewhere else, whether to escape or to explore, and they do it with a consistency of vision and a rabid attention to detail.

We believe each home we live in, each space we occupy or room that holds us tells a story of who we are and what we aspire to be. Unlike many designers who develop a specific aesthetic and apply it across the board, we approach our projects as a story waiting to be told; a specific tale of the dreams and aspiration of our clients coupled with the unique spirit of the place they have chosen as home. With a thorough understanding of the confluence of place and aspiration we develop a narrative, specific to each client and their locale, allowing us to craft a design which is consistent in vision and reinforced down to the smallest of detail. The results are spaces that are authentic, reflecting our clients rather than us. They are homes and spaces that speak to a diversity of ideas rather than a preordained aesthetic, and ultimately a body of work whose common thread is the depth of vision given to us by the people we design for. The stories are theirs, our job is to tell it using skills honed from a lifetime of travel, clarity of vision and a commitment to excellence.

“We interviewed several designers from NY to Paris. When I looked at Patrick’s portfolio there wasn’t a single project I wanted for myself, but what I saw was a broad range of projects and all were very well done. I thought to myself, if he can do that for them he can do it for me.” - Happy Client

Portrait of Patrick Sutton
Young Patrick on a family trip
Patrick's Story
Raised in New York, the son of a famed travel journalist father and fashion model mother, Patrick Sutton’s unique background has exposed him to a world of elegance, romance and luxury few have had the opportunity to experience. These extensive travels have left him with a vast and vivid memory of the world's most beautiful places and elegant settings. This history, coupled with his studies and training as an architect have shaped his process of design as creating a complete experience, unifying the clarity and structure of architecture with the romance and detail of the decorative arts.
My father, Horace Sutton, taught me
to see the world as a magical place
filled with beauty and adventure
waiting to be discovered.
We create interiors that stimulate the intellect, elevate the spirit, and bring joy to the inhabitants.
Our Team
Patrick Sutton Principal
Becky Barnard Senior Associate (Hospitality)
Mary Carballo Materials Librarian/Design Assistant
Genevieve Cox Marketing and Business Development
Mary Dunn Senior Designer (Residential)
Ashley Hare Senior Designer (Residential)
Cecilia Hutt Interior Design Associate
Ira Imerlishvili Senior Associate/Design Director
Jeff Langston Senior Project Architect
Nicholas Meeks Design Assistant
Antonia Miller Senior Architectural Designer (Hospitality)
Sharon Santos
Sharon Santos Senior Project Architect/Project Manager
Ethan Starr Design Assistant
Tracy Sutton Business Development
Robert Unger Purchasing Manager
Emily Ward Executive Assistant / Operations Manager
Still from Patrick Sutton video
A conversation with Patrick
On creating meaningful experiences
Our process
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