Rye Street Tavern


Part of a large whiskey distillery campus this tavern is as an immersive journey into Maryland rye β€” its history, its link to the bounty of Maryland farms and waters and the associated cuisine, wood-fired cooking, and of course, foot-stomping music. It is an unabashedly modern restaurant born of local tradition and enlivened by the afterglow of a glass or two of the favored local spirit.

Front entrance to the Rye Street Tavern
Restaurant tables that look out over the water
Looking through the restaurant at the staircase
Staircase with firewood underneath
Restaurant table with a wooden slat wall
Interestingly decorated wall with many paintings and a bison head
Looking down the hallway at a horse head on the wall
Looking through a door to a restaurant dining room
Bar with repurposed whiskey distillers

When the cuisine, service and atmosphere work harmoniously, chances are you will be able to leave any troubles outside the door. This is the magic of storytelling through design.

Small bar area with red stools
Bar table with interesting paintings hanging above
Bar cart with wine and glasses

β€œHe distills the ideas and he brings them
down to a concentrate where then they
can be instituted inside the project.”

β€” Marc Weller, Founding Partner & President at Weller Development Company