Tagliata & Elk Room

TAGLIATA & ELK ROOM Science meets

Picture yourself happening upon a ramshackle farmhouse in Tuscany that has been repurposed as a chic little eatery featuring crumbling brick and plaster walls, wide-board floors and billowing drapes. Now, take that image and transport it to an old industrial building in the middle of Baltimore. That’s Tagliata.

Awning of the Tagliata restaurant with tables underneath
Bar seating area
Restaurant table with lavender flowers
Restaurant bar area with a brick wall
Bar seating area
Light bar area with comfortable seating

Designing for the hospitality world is all about curating an experience. It calls for transporting a guest out of his or her current life and into a new story to be someone else, if only for a short time.

Bookshelf with interesting books and sculptures
Sitting area with elaborate crystal chandeliers
Sitting area with a vintage French liquor ad print