Cinghiale Restaurant

Cinghiale Restaurant The Boisterous

To create the uncharacteristic large Italian eatery Cinghiale we borrowed the scale and energy of dining establishments in Paris and added the intrinsic qualities of Tuscany. Filled with the sounds of clinking glasses, laughter and leisurely conversation, it is a destination visitors would hope to happen upon while strolling the streets of Bologna or Milan.

Restaurant dining area
An elegant dining area with wood walls
Restaurant bar area
Looking through a door into the dining area with a painting hanging on the wall
A restaurant bar and dining area

When you think about your dinner destination, you are essentially planning a two-hour vacation. You want to be transported someplace new, and it is my job to get you there.

An elaborate wall sconce with wine bottles underneath
A sculpture of a boar hanging from the wall
A restaurant dining room with set tables and white tablecloths