A Clocker’s Tower

Country Residence A Clocker’s

Set in a valley surrounded by the rolling hills of Maryland’s horse country is one of the state’s oldest thoroughbred farms. Perched beside the farm’s racetrack was a small crumbling tower, The Clocker’s Tower. My client wanted to replace the building with a fitting little folly where he and guests could be immersed in the activity of the farm and experience the power and magnificence of the thoroughbreds thundering by.

Old-fashioned red truck outside of a home
Looking through a window to the inside
Entryway with sitting bench and horse decor
Sunny dining area with a farmhouse style table
Deer head mounted on a wall
Photo of horse hooves

I have come to think of it as a bouillon cube of the qualities of this equestrian estate, a distillation of hundreds of acres neatly packed into a tiny structure with wraparound windows, placing the owner in the center of the valley.

Closeup of a mirror
Closeup of items on a side table