The Silver Mine

Residence The Silver Mine

A little digging discovered that this Deer Valley residence was built on the site of one of Park City’s original silver rush era mines. Set against the backdrop of the magnificent Wasatch Range and mixed with a touch of Bond villain lair inspiration, we turned this penthouse into a cush silver mine, rugged and unexpected, but filled with luxury and the latest gadgetry.

Marble walls and counters
Bar area with wooden ceiling
Silver pouring bucket
Sitting area with stone fireplace
Billiard room with table and wooden ceiling

The story is in the details. Rustic timbers, tufted leather, glittering onyx, rough stone and indigenous textiles capture the romance and ruggedness of the silver-rush-era from room to room.

Bedroom with a rustic decor
Bunkbeds with creative names,
Door looking into a bedroom
Bathroom vanity with a large decorative light on the mirror
Bedroom with a large tapestry and plaid walls