Connecting Back


My clients lived in historic Georgetown while they were dating. Years later, married with children and professionally successful, the couple wanted to create a foothold in the place where their life began together. Creating a lasting, beautiful memory of the place where the family’s story began, we endeavored to make space for them to grow, explore and thrive as they experience new chapters of life together.

Closeup of a lion's head knocker on a red door
Open foyer and living room
Open living room and dining area with fireplace
Foyer with black door
Modern mixed media art hanging on the wall
View of an open kitchen and entry/stairway
Open kitchen with fireplace and bright abstract painting
Living room with comfortable furniture and fireplace

Memories of where we come from remind us of who we are. Such was the case for this Washington DC couple.

Bedroom with sitting area
Sitting area with plaid walls and a fireplace
Bedroom with plaid walls and large padded accents
Bathroom with blue wall and white marble floor
Bathroom with blue wall and white marble vanity
Bedroom with a double bed and two bunk/sitting nooks
Bed with elaborate cow skull hanging overhead
Marble bathroom sink